Pinterest at WGPL

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Last month we held an introduction to Pinterest at the library.  We’ve had quite a few people asking what Pinterest is, and how to get started.  Pinterest is a social media site, but it’s different than Facebook or Twitter.  The focus isn’t on sharing aspects of your personal life or information; instead, Pinterest is a place where you can create lists of ideas and thoughts.  While you can interact with other people, it’s not as personal.

Think of Pinterest as a digital bulletin board or scrapbook.  You can use these boards to organize your hobbies, ideas for home improvement, decorating, parties, holidays, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  One of my favorite uses of Pinterest is for organizing recipes.  One of the Children’s librarians here uses her profile page as a place to collect things that she doesn’t have a place for at home, like salt and pepper shakers!

Hint: When you’re using your home computer, install the bookmarklet so you can pin from different webpages!

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