Hometown Library Scavenger Hunt–Day One

We had a good first day for our Scavenger Hunt. Twenty-nine families and individuals came to play. We were surprised by how many had already visited and completed the challenges at four or five libraries. Some of our questions were challenging, but everybody eventually answered them all. There are still 6 days to go, so be sure to stop in and get your passport today! For complete rules, check the Municipal Library Consortium Website.ImageImageImageImageImage




Stolen Signs

In her 1975 book Webster Groves, Clarissa Start tells the story of one-time Webster Groves Police Chief Andy McDonnell, and his crusade to get local boys to stop stealing signs. Seems it had become something of a hobby for the lads, so he visited the schools and lectured them, telling them that stealing a man’s sign was the same as taking money out of his pocket. He asked the boys to return all the signs they had stolen, and sure enough, come Saturday morning, there were hundreds of signs stacked up in front of Police Headquarters. It’s a great story. The only problem was that Start’s book did not include a photo.

In our research for the upcoming Images of America: Webster Groves, we asked the Police Department if they had any interesting photos. They sure did, and here’s one of them. Thanks so much to Erin Klippi, Administrative Assistant at Webster Groves Police Department for her help. Image