Driverless Cars?

Not being a ‘car guy,’ I am not one to read the magazine Car & Driver very often. But I came across the November, 2017 issue yesterday, and have barely been able to put it down. It contains a series of articles, edited by Malcolm Gladwell (Blink, The Tipping Point), on the status and the future of driverless cars.

More erudite than the average Car & Driver article, Gladwell deals with such issues as risk and risk aversion, and how much safer than cars driven by humans will driverless cars have to be to gain broad acceptance; will we ever be able to protect ‘connected’ vehicles from being hacked; what are the technological options for driverless cars; and where we stand right now in the development of those technologies.

As technology changes our lives in new and often confusing ways, there’s nothing like staying informed to help calm our nerves. This article goes a long way in explaining one of those looming technological changes. And speaking of technology, the article is available for checkout from our online magazine database Zinio.

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