Passports & ID Requirements

For several years, Missouri legislators have been fighting with the federal government over the REAL ID act. This was legislation put into place after 9/11 to require enhanced identification to board airplanes. The upshot of the ongoing dispute was that come this January, Missouri residents would not be able to board an airplane using their drivers licenses as ID. This would have led to everyone boarding a plane in Missouri needing a currently valid passport–even for domestic flights.

Finally, last spring, the Missouri legislature relented and passed a law implementing a plan to move towards federally compliant ID’s. How exactly the state is going to go about replacing everyone’s drivers license with a new, more secure license is a big question. But the important thing for now is that the state has been granted a nearly year-long waiver on implementation of the new ID requirement.

In the meantime, Webster Groves Public Library is a passport acceptance agency. We can accept your passport application and send it in for processing. The wait time at present is about 6 weeks, 3 weeks if you pay the additional $60 fee per passport. If you are considering any sort of travel over the next year, it’s a good idea to apply for a passport as soon as possible.

For more information about what one needs to apply, and the fees associated with getting a passport, the best place to check is the Department of State’s Website at