The Webster Groves Public Library has many platforms to download eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, stream movies, and more!


OverDrive/Libby offers eBooks and eAudiobooks for you to download. Depending on the device that you own, you will need to chose the instructions below that best fit your technology. Libby is the newest platform, so try that one first if your device can download apps. Overdrive is for older devices, so if Libby cannot be found, try that next.

If you have a first generation Kindle that is JUST an eReader (only for reading books) you will probably need the instructions for the “Overdrive for older model Kindles” below.

Click on the APP below to find step-by-step PDF instructions on borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks for your device:

Libby (newest platform, for recently released devices)

OverDrive (Kindle Fires; iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; Android devices; NOOK Color, Tablet, HD, HD+, etc.)

Overdrive Paperwhite (Blog) (Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Wifi, Kindle Keyboard, etc.)

Click on the links below if you have a different device than what is listed above:

Mac Computer

NOOK Classic and Simple Touch


Check out the video instructions for your device at:


New Adobe ID instructions

Use of Adobe ID

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